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TMG Consulting is a Planning, Economics, and Engineering firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What We Do

TMG provides services to airports, local and state government, business and industry including resort, gaming and recreation enterprises. These services include market assessments, public sector revenue/development impact assessments, economic impact studies, land use and master planning, capital improvement programming and management, zoning analysis, environmental assessment and coordination, benefit-cost analysis and other services.

Who We Are

TMG personnel are experts in their respective fields, from Urban Planning to Aviation to Casino Gaming to Transportation.  Our staff counts former university professors, engineers, economists, urban planners, and attorneys.  We possess a unique blend of experience and education that enables the firm to provide the highest level of competence to complete a wide range of project types and sizes innovatively, on time, and within budget limitations.

For more detail about our firm, please visit our website:

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