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TMG Tips for a Safe and Smooth Carnival


Visitors and residents alike have already begun flooding the streets of New Orleans for this year’s Carnival season. While we continue to enjoy this annual citywide celebration, this Mardi Gras season presents a unique set of challenges for the city officials who work to plan and protect the events.  Aside from the usual Mardi Gras concerns surrounding transportation and public safety, the 2015 season presents a new issue: ongoing construction along some of the major parade routes.

Intensive drainage projects are currently underway Uptown, which means that major tracts of prime parade-watching neutral ground real estate will be closed off on Napoleon Avenue.  Parade-goers who are accustomed to these locations need to take the neutral ground closures into account and plan on watching the parades at an alternate location. When traveling to and from the parades, note that Louisiana Avenue traffic has been constricted to one lane in each direction from St. Charles Avenue to Claiborne Avenue.

Transportation and parking are always more difficult during Carnival season, and this year public officials are encouraging residents to take public transportation whenever possible. New tools have been made available by the RTA to help individuals plan their routes and schedules with Mardi Gras events taken into account. An updated trip planner and mobile app can be found at

Please note that buses and streetcars stop running two hours before parades begin and recommence after their routes have been cleared. Additionally, the city is offering an expanded schedule for the Algiers-Canal Street ferry. The increased service began Friday, February 6th and will run through Tuesday, February 17th. An additional ferry will be added to the schedule on February 14th and will remain in service until February17th.

The expanded ferry service is detailed below:

Mardi Gras blog with RTM edits_Page_1

While celebrating and moving around the city this Mardi Gras season, be sure to use the tools available to help plan for adjustments to your public transportation options.

Happy Mardi Gras from TMG!

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Matthew Loftis, Intern, Master of Urban & Regional Planning candidate

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