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Loyola University Hosts Discussion on International Business

On April 10th, Loyola University’s Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business presented a panel discussion on business practices and relationships between Germany and the United States (  As a German who is now a permanent resident of the U.S., I was honored to be a part of this interesting and informative discussion.  I was joined on the panel by: W. Paul Andersson, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Louisiana; Jeffrey A. Krug, PhD, Professor of Strategy and Chair of International Business at Loyola; and Jacquelyn A. Gross, President of the Global Business Association at Loyola.  In attendance were over 80 undergraduate students and their guests.

The evening discussion, organized by Loyola undergraduate students, focused on the necessity for young persons to spend time studying and working outside of the United States.  Differences in work culture and societal nuances were of particular interest to the audience, as many had previous experiences abroad, and many more were preparing for such.  As panelists, we all agreed that maintaining an open mind to cultural differences will be essential in today’s global economy.  Of concern to all were the legal issues and difficulties in obtaining necessary visas for international study and employment.  I, for one, am hopeful that the United States and the European Union will be able to form a trade zone in the future.  The establishment of a trade zone will hopefully open up the doors for more communication, collaboration, and interaction between the country of my birth and the country I now call home.

I was truly impressed with the students and faculty of Loyola University, and I am confident that they will be forging new territory in international business, hopefully with my native Germany.

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Jan Garbers

Director, Geomatics  

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