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Jan Garbers Joins European Civil Protection Congress

This September, TMG’s Jan Garbers was invited to the 8th European Civil Protection Congress.

The European Civil Protection Congress is an international platform informing the national, European and international Experts and decision-makers of disaster management, civil protection and relief organizations about the latest developments in the field.

The congress intends to strengthen the dialogue between public authorities, associations, universities and experts. The annual conference attracts 800-1,000 participants from more than 20 nations.  This platform presents latest political decisions, enables networks and extents cooperation. Among the participants are the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance and the Federal Agency of Technical Relief advising the organizers content wise.

The close bonds with the European Commission and other relief organizations allow the participants to fortify and to enhance relations to other experts. 2011 the conference was supported by the European Commission and the United Nations. The European Civil Protection Congress is a set date in the agenda of national and international decision- makers.

The European Civil Protection Congress briefly:

  • International platform for the leadership levels of disaster management and civil protection,
  • High-ranking technical reports from Ministries of the Interior and the European Commission,
  • Meeting point for political decision-makers and disaster managers,
  • Conference program presents international very important persons of Politics, Administration and Disaster management,
  • Up to ten specialized Panel Sessions,
  • Accompanying exhibition of the prominent manufacturers of system solutions,

The European Civil Protection Congress is an annual conference that takes place in Bonn, Germany in September each year.

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