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TMG Pioneers Development of Small Business Pilot Program for Baton Rouge Airport

TMG Consulting recently designed and developed a Small Business Program for the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport.  This program, in compliance with recent changes in FAA regulations, includes new race and gender-neutral elements that would facilitate wider participation from small businesses.

TMG surveyed best practices of similar programs nationwide and conducted stakeholder meetings with small business advocacy organizations and professional trade organizations to gauge their response.  While many of the participants representing prime firms and sub-contractors expressed enthusiasm and support for this program, they also expressed concern about having to go through another certification process. The development of this pilot program has provided a great opportunity for the Airport to work closely with City Purchasing and to create a program that might be replicated across multiple public agencies.  This greatly benefits firms of all sizes by creating a uniform program – reducing confusion over the multitude of programs that exist and the cumbersome processes they entail, and most importantly allowing firms to bid on more opportunities.

Through the series of stakeholder meetings, TMG has found that there is great support for increased small business participation.  TMG Consulting will be submitting the program to the Federal Transit Authority for approval in the coming weeks, with the goal of a program kick-off in early 2012.

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