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DBE Master Tracker Program Implemented by TMG Consulting

TMG Consulting has been an expert on the DBE Program since the inception of the DBE regulations in the 1980’s. Since then, TMG has worked with public agencies to write, implement, and monitor DBE programs that are effectively diminishing the barriers that exist for small, minority firms to participate in large government contracts. TMG’s joint mission with our clients is to create a DBE program that is realistic and effective, yet simple to manage. To realize this mission, TMG assists clients in setting realistic DBE goals for federally funded projects, streamlining the bidding process, monitoring DBE participation over the course of a project, and providing reports to the Federal Government and the Agency’s Board.

Over the past few years, the DBE regulations have been modified to require more detailed reporting, including individual tracking of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds. Additionally, Boards have expanded their mission to include participation by small and minority firms on state and locally funded projects, going above the federal mandates. TMG has responded by developing a comprehensive tracking system. The  “DBE Master Tracker” is a TMG exclusive product that monitors payments made to subcontractors (DBE and non-DBE) and Prime firms and produces simple reports that are available at any time to Board members, Federal Agencies, or the public. By creating a database that stores and analyzes DBE participation progress, TMG enables its clients to be confident that they are complying with their grant assurances, meeting the DBE missions of their Board and setting realistic DBE goals for future projects.  Moreover, as regulations and requirements change, Master Tracker can easily output customized reports in response.

Our DBE services include:

  • Developing new or updated DBE Programs
  • Drafting small and minority programs for state and local funds
  • Setting DBE goals
  • Reviewing bids and proposals for DBE compliance
  • Utilizing DBE Master Tracker program to monitor contract participation and to provide annual accomplishment report

A comprehensive DBE Consultant contract is complementary to your current DBE staff and can improve efficiency and confidence in your DBE Program within the parameters of sole source contracting.

TMG DBE Program Division Contact: Bonnie Garrigan,, or 504.569,9239 Ex. 29.

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