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TMG Consulting Responds to the Gulf Oil Disaster

After the lengthy crisis following the Deepwater Horizon accident, it’s clear that the Gulf Region, from Texas to Florida, has been profoundly impacted by the torrent of oil spilled on our doorstep. But the impact of the spill on communities, on businesses and industries, and on habitats still needs to be established. With over 25 years of experience analyzing, quantifying, documenting, and providing expert testimony related to economic impacts, TMG Consulting is working to help communities and businesses establish and validate their damage. In 1975, the founder of TMG authored one of the first studies quantifying the value of Louisiana’s wetlands to recreation, tourism, and the seafood industry.

Following Hurricane Katrina, TMG Consulting was able to successfully justify over $25 million in damage inflicted at the Sewerage and Water Board’s Power Generation Facility, much of it “discovered” after FEMA’s initial inspections. Our experience indicates that a similar effort can be successful with oil spill claims.

The firm is able to effectively establish “before” and “after” economic conditions and validate the job, tax, and income losses associated with the spill.

To discuss specifics and how we can help, contact Ross Chapman at (504) 569-9239 Ext. 27 or

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